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Free yourself

There is a story about Monkey Hunters that hunt and catch monkeys in India. They hang bananas in a cage that lure monkeys in with a string attached, that will shut the cage once the monkey grabs a hold of the banana.

If only the monkeys could see it for what it is , a trap. If the monkey could overcome the desire, they would be free. But you see we are the monkeys and our attachments are like the bananas.

We all have attachments at various degrees depending on how attached we truly are. We have attachments to people, our identity, our preferences, our homes, the past, relationships, personal possessions, a place you have lived, our jobs, our status, the way we drink our coffee, the way things are presently, the way we are viewed and loved by others, and our need to be right or always in control.

Detachment is not pushing things away or pulling them in. It is allowing things and people to be who or what they are. It is freedom from the bounded limited views that pleasure and attachment bring. It doesn’t necessarily mean letting go of our attachments , it means you allow them to be more pleasant and enjoyable because you loosen your grip and expand your consciousness with more clarity.

Let go of the things you can not change. Let go of the past and forgive yourself and others.

Let go of the limited tainted stories you tell yourself that are not even true.

Let go of who you are and what you think you are capable of. Keep expanding what you think is possible.

Let go of what has happened , what you think might happen and make your dreams flourish!

With love , Carly Danielle Dubow ❤