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Healing Our Earth Ritual

This Saturday, March 20, 2019, at 9p Mountain, we invite you to join us in healing our earth, regardless of your spiritual beliefs, doing this together will help our universe tremendously. Ritual: At 8pm: find a quiet place to sit in your home, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Clear your mind, allow negative thoughts to float away. Take a minute to think of your loved ones, fun memories and overall good experiences. Allow the energy to fill your heart as you focus on love. As you focus on your breath and the love that fills your heart: you can say a prayer, a mantra or something that warms your heart. Send this energy to center of the universe and imagine it nurturing our planet 🌎 stay with this energy, and when your ritual is completed you’ll know, we have faith in you! During these trying times, it’s time to start welcoming love into our homes, our hearts and sending that energy back to the universe. As we vibrate higher, so will the universe, tribe it’s time for us to collectively love.