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Love or Ego

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Our current generation is looking for QUICK fulfillment within our relationships with others. We find ourselves in self-serving relationships.

How many relationships have you had that began fast, intense and began devoting all your free time to the other person, just to have this “intense”feeling fade within the same year? These relationships seem to be “destined,” however they are a product of our own manifestations.

We have become consumed in our own lives that we expect the other to join our world; instead of merging the two.

This creates the battle of ego and lack of direction.

Our frustration behind “where is she” or “where is he,” has caused us to make rush decisions when we are hoping to find someone who has the potential to be our “person.” When we make rash decisions, we tend NOT to determine what the goal of the other person is.

Ask yourself questions like, “who will lead,” “where are we going,” and most importantly “do we want similar lifestyles.”

The best way to potentially find your person is by

• determining what makes you truly happy as an individual

• what needs do you have

• what are you willing to provide

• what are your red flags/triggers

• what qualities do you offer and want in a significant other

• what are your boundaries

• where would you the direction of your life to go

Take a second and reflect on past relationships, most of the relationships that failed, do they seem to end for similar reasons ? Did those people have similar characteristics? Have you, in fact, dated the same person over and over?

We are truly the director of our lives: we decide if a person has a relationship with us, we set boundaries and allow or decline their advancement.

Take a moment to define what you are manifesting into a relationship. Are you manifesting the same person over and over?

Write out your qualities and flaws... I know this may not sound fun, however, it’s time to become more self aware. Then, write the qualities you’d like in a partner and things you absolutely do not want. Just because the person feels familiar, does not mean they align with your actual wants and needs.

Now that you’ve refined your wants, does it align with the people you’ve dated? If it doesn’t, it is absolutely time to focus on what you’ve been manifesting.

Visit us for a tarot reading or energy cleanse to help with this process! We’ll see you at Third Eye!