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Twin Flames vs Soulmates

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Have you ever felt the yearning need to go home? But, when you imagine home, you find that: its not exactly the place, its the feeling. When you merge with your twin flame, it is like going home, its your natural state. Your twin is you, and you are your twin. SO, what's the difference right?


Soulmates are created close to your time of original creation. Soulmates bring out the best in you, make you better and stronger; all that beautiful work so that you are ready for your twin flame reunion. The relationship has a mirrored effect, you see yourself through them so that you can progressively become who you were destined to become.

Recently, Will Smith and Jada finally discussed their meeting. Will Smith had tried to set himself up with Jada, however upon meeting Jada, he also met his ex-wife, whom shortly there after became is wife and mother of his first born. Will Smith, discussed the yearning for Jada that he kept trying to suppress, and finally had to admit to himself that he was not love with is current wife, the way he was with Jada. Continued below..

These type of relationships magnify the good, bad and absolutely ugly; and you might find that you are exposed to all your triggers, unknown trauma, hurt, and whatever else you discover along the journey. Take this opportunity to heal, it won't be easy, but it will led you to your twin.

Twin Flames

One of my favorite stories is about Twin Flames is the love that brought King Solomon and Queen of Sheba together. Queen of Sheba traveled from her homeland to meet King Solomon. His name alone woke something up inside of her, and when they first saw each other, they both knew they were twin flames. Even though they could not wed, they were able to spend one lunar cycle together.

When Will Smith and Jada re-united it took work from both parties, clear boundaries and loving understanding. They expressed that they went so far to take communication lessons so that they could better their communication. They both triggered things in each other that they thought they healed from, so they had to work together to learn to not only acknowledge them, but to work with them and not to use their triggers against each other.

In ancient Egypt,the marriage between Isis and Osiris was considered yin and yang, a twin flame relationship. Seth, grew jealous of Osiris: murdered him, tore him into pieces and scattered him. Isis found his pieces then made Osiris into a mummy. She used her own powerful magic to bring Osiris back to conceive Horus. Isis raise their son, while his father remained the King of the Land of the Dead. Horus would grow to fight Set, win his father's throne and become King of Egypt.

Unfortunately, I can't promise that your interaction with your twin will be as effortless. Meeting your twin can be overwhelming, triggering and you will probably want to run the other way. The relationship will take communication, team work and effort from both parties to work; because regardless of all the healing work you have done it may feel like you’ll become unraveled when you unite with your beloved. But, if you do the self work, you won’t unravel, you’ll open yourself to accept yourself and others as they are, and allow the to accept you as you are.